Is This What You Hear in Your Head

by Little Big Toe

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released May 26, 2017

All music performed and produced by Jimmy James Cutrera except:

Anthony Defabritus – bass and drums on ‘walking corpse’
Patrick Calvert – harp on ‘Unlightened’
Steve Honoshowsky – drums on ‘is this what you hear in your head?’

Mastered by Anthony Defabritus @antFARM studios
Album artwork by Jesse Lee Herdman


all rights reserved



Little Big Toe Middletown Township, New Jersey

Led by Jimmy James Cutrera who has been playing some music in some form for a while. LBT likes to incorporate all their influences (which include Radiohead, Andrew Bird, Frank Zappa, King Crimson, the Flaming Lips, Soundgarden, Tool, Silverchair, Jim Croce, Cat Stevens, Nick Drake, and Mahavishnu Orchestra) in their sound while trying not to be too much of a jerk about it. Thanks for listening. ... more

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Track Name: Is This What You Hear in Your Head
Is it time to stay silent?
The microphones have dust and webs.
Will this noise be smooth or violent?
As long as it don’t hurt no one

But is this what you hear in your head?

Bitter, sweet, or misguided
The blandest beat kick-started fires
Philosophies turned up their volumes
Until they cooked symphonic omelletes

(But) is this what you hear in your head?
Track Name: Afraid to Speak Up
Is this what you want?
Cuz honestly – the policy to me seems rather odd
The hand dipped in the pot
The smallest coins were left, but all the bigger ones are gone

You might have heard the news
While drinking fermented fruit juice

The PC police came up empty
The lines crossed were already used
The blind spots were speckles of truth that rendered the youth bored and speechless

Is this what you want?
Or did further consideration leave you in this spot
Is this all you’ve got?
If you add up all the pieces, it still seems like a lot

You might have heard the news
Your judgement quickly ensued

The EMT crew gave you backseat driver blues
You’re bending the note up
And joining the book club that erases the queued but saves all your sins

You might have heard the news
While drinking fermented fruit juice

The PC police came up empty
The lines crossed were already used
The blind spots were speckles of truth that rendered the youth bored and speechless
Track Name: Dos Amores
Torn between 2 loves
The money’s not enough
Have a sip of tea and sigh in disbelief
Cuz it’s getting ugly

Feeling safe and sound with your cardboard crown
Crowds will step on heads judging fallen men
That mom only loves

God only knows how this story unfolds

Write the numbers down
A decimal one tenth down changes everything
Perception and deceipt that god only sees

Boys can’t be a man without calculated plans
Workbench heeled the pooch
And the hounddog screwed it loose
What should you choose?

Throw water on the soil with a seed, and flowers will grow
Throw dollars on the ground (chicken feed), and the vultures will show in droves
The beggers and the thieves will prey on the things that you own
Cash in past receipts that you owe that God only knows of
Track Name: All Knights Fall
You are a fading star
The kind that goes to work with no job
You are the reason’s voice
The kind that slices through cutting boards
He said, “You are a piece of shit”
That statement stuck to me like Elmer’s glue

A word that cut your skin
You should not have listened
Take earwax off cotton into the bin

You are a silhouette of a man who used to keep promises
But you are another chance
An exit from a cave into a bird

I’m having second thoughts
The bleeding never stopped
A t-shirt couldn’t wrap around and make it clot
Oh my God!

Rip the bandage
And put the makeup on the mannequin

The voice that’s to your left took you back a step
How do you pay the rent with bounced checks?
How does this end?

Translate moving arms
When vocabulary stalled
Cuz words mean something different to us all

All knights fall
Track Name: Y
Isn’t it a wonder our friends are here through darkness, winters and fall
Isn’t it a wonder that I believe nothing after all of the goddamned thinking I’ve done
Isn’t it a wonder no crumbs are left after all of the bread that we broke
And I didn’t die in my sleep last night
And chances are if you are hearing this, well then neither did you

Isn’t it a wonder my friends are here after all of the shit that I pulled
Even with all of the strength that I built, well I sure as hell could not have done it alone

But the problem isn’t you
Yea, the problem isn’t me
Yea, the problem isn’t us
It’s just a problem with this apathetic humanity

Isn’t it a wonder that I can sing about any old idea that I want?
But sometimes my laziness gets to me and I will spend months at a time writing nothing at all
Isn’t it a wonder that life has no inherent meaning at all
It’s just a meaning upon itself and no one will hear you until you break through the wall

Isn’t it a wonder that we perceive the same things with different results
Even with those disagreements we can sit down at the table and talk about it like we’re adults

But the problem isn’t you
Yea, the problem is me
Yea, it’s always me
So let’s sharpen this spoon and carve out a new identity
Track Name: Unlightened
I am the wheel on a spoke
Balanced with a license revoked
With eyesight as sharp as a telescope
A marathon runner on a tightrope

But I know nothing of this make believe story with a setting sun
Yea, I know nothing at all

Anger is untapped freedom
A blister on an otherwise smooth palm
The safe bet in the eye of the storm
There’s still a party in the life of an animal

But I know nothing of this make believe story with a setting sun
Yea, I know nothing at all
Track Name: You Didn't Learn your Lesson
Here and now
I see your tail spinning with the waving of hands
Green and brown
You’re matching clothes colors with a lens and a form of currency

Feed the crown
Your royal highness likes his cooking homemade
Up your downs
Prescription written by the white coat man by the flagpole

Hearing your name called

Here and now
Your back is turned with your eyes on a dead man
Secret’s out
Stiches ripping, flipping names
Now you are a dead man

Pave the road
The destination with the least resistance
Kiss the toad
The princess has a list of formalized assistance

Hearing your name called

Listen to it
The blistered feedback
Paper pleated with a message written to remind you
Brubeck Quartet and café roasted down your gullet
You didn’t learn your lesson
Track Name: Past Selves, Future Selves and Present Self
If past selves told future selves the secrets of the universe
Would deaf ears fall between the expression and the DNA gene
And I wonder how it all would turn out if predictions on the numbers allowed for an insider trade

If future self told present self the numbers to the lottery
Would you lose your friends to the time you’d spend playing catch-up on your melodies
Or would you be a paintless clown?
Would your green turn to brown into a blue can

Is your best self your present self or the future you concocted in a dream?
And the credit you gave to a life you haven’t made due to actions when your past self misbehaved

It’s quite obvious that truth is love
And everything that you have earned is because of your present self.
Track Name: Sigmund Fraud
I feel so much like a fraud

Your anger steals your heart
You inherited the bug
Why don’t handles make you fly?
Did you ever wonder why?
Yeah, so did I…

Your anger is a crutch you’ve been leaning on too much
There are other ways to walk

You’re waiting on the call
And walking on the coal that’s been baking in the sun
There’s more to getting strong than stepping on a skull
There’s more to paying credit cards than sacrificing souls
Track Name: Walking Corpse
The blind sober drunk man with the marks up and down his hands
The line between sanity and sin is a fine one
The scarlet letter red and the noise of the handcuff behind my head
A lesson learned, a concrete mattress is a fortress
But we all can be reborn

But none of us will be here in a 150 years
The perception that we are immortal is a falsehood
We all decompose and be weighted down by a rose
The bounty on our heads is a million dollar ransom
But we will live through a song

There’s beauty in your lies
They’re as gentle as my battle cries
You didn’t even know about the hundred thousand times I died
I don’t know why we are here even when the answer seems so clear
After all of this searching, I’ve found out I know nothing
But I will sing anyway
Track Name: What Happens When You Die?
What Happens when you die?
Do you just decompose and feed a family full of worms?
Or does it just go dark?

People cry for a minute, then the just move on
A parade for an earner, a tumbleweed for a bum
There’s still a hell in heaven and a great unknown
With a vacuum and a shovel and pile of dust and bones
Track Name: You Know Who You Are
I’m so in love with you
No matter what I do, my opinions or my world views…
I’m so in love with you

When I’m afraid of the weather, I’ll just see us together
My pulse will start beating again

I’m so in love with you
No matter what I do, my opinions or my world views…
I’m so in love with you

When I’m afraid of the weather, I’ll just strap on the leather and reach down deep in my heart, oh GOD!!!!!

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